Eagleye Golf

Narrow your focus. Sharpen your shot making. Hit your target more consistently.

Practice With A Purpose

The best players in the world have a specific goal in mind with each practice session. Eagleye helps you focus on target AND outcome. Understanding your shot dispersion shows you where your game can improve and how to lower scores!

Entering a shot

Understand Your Game

Improving your shot-making starts with understanding the goal and result of each shot. Eagleye allows you to track ALL the tools in your bag - your clubs AND the types of shots you are trying to execute. Tracking the goal and result of each shot type is the foundation of understanding your game and improving as a player.

Viewing your stats

Train like a Pro

Most of us can’t carry a PGA teaching pro around with us! Eagleye gives you the tools to avoid the biggest mistakes made when practicing:

  • Starting from scratch each time
  • Practicing without purpose
  • Whether you need to focus on ball striking or alignment, Eagleye’s Notebook feature will help you dial in good swing thoughts and lower your scores!

    Your Eagleye notebook

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